A Global Healthcare Company

Targeted scientists and healthcare professionals in China for its 6 brands with iPinYou services to achieve the following:

22 million impressions
180,000 Clicks
Digital Marketing Director for Greater China

DeepZero | iPinYou has been instrumental in our success in targeting scientists and healthcare professionals in China. Their expertise in ad tech and deep understanding of the Chinese market have allowed us to effectively communicate with our target audience and achieve our marketing goals. Their advanced technology and data-driven approach have enabled us to reach our target audience precisely and efficiently, resulting in a successful campaign.

Brief Background of the Brand

This highly visible global healthcare brand is known for its innovative pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and animal health products, with a strong presence in over 140 countries and a commitment to improving patient health.

Business Challenges
Challenge 1

Further amplifying the brand's existing awareness and better penetrating the Chinese market, driving each brand to the forefront of the minds of in-market users to create consideration and exposure among unaware users.

Challenge 2

Entering the Chinese market poses high barriers due to strict legal procedures, a different language, and a fast-changing advertising landscape.

DeepZero Solutions
Solution 1

Align with both individual brand strategy and overall, China CN Social, applying short bursts of high frequency to drive ad recall, ensuring each impression is further amplified with continuous reminders, but over a short live period to avoid creative fatigue.

Solution 2

Adapting a multichannel approach and capturing cross-channel synergy to engage with the same users across three different platforms in leisure (WeChat and Weibo) and business environments (MaiMai).

Solution 3

Complimenting our Awareness objective with video-only content to enhance user experience and entice users to further engage with our ads.

Business Value

We created 9 custom audiences to target scientists and healthcare professionals on 3 Chinese platforms, resulting in 22 million impressions and 180,000 clicks. This approach effectively increased brand and portfolio awareness among relevant scientists and technicians in China. Furthermore, our reporting provides valuable insights and learnings for the year 2024.

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