The Backbone of Digital Marketing

Data Management Platform (DMP)

DeepZero | iPinYou DMP collects, organizes, and activates first, second, and third-party audience data from various online, offline, and mobile sources. It is useful for audience segmentation, building lookalike audiences, and optimizing paid media spending to improve digital marketing performance.

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Product Value
Maximize Data Assets

We can categorize and assemble first- and third-party online, cross-device, and offline data into targetable audience segments.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

We effectively evaluate conversions from different channels, help brands select the right media strategies, control advertising costs, and improve overall ROI for their marketing efforts.

Manage Multiple Online Campaigns Across Devices

Create customized and consistent cross-device marketing campaign delivery to reach your prospects.

Product Highlights
Know Your Customer Profile

By examining demographic, technological, and behavioral data from first- and third-party sources, you can identify your customers and group them into specific audience segments for targeted campaigns.

Find New Audiences

To increase the number of prospects, you can link "look-alike" profiles that share attributes with an audience to receive the same marketing messages.

Omni-Channel Attribution

Know which marketing campaigns perform well and which channels drive the most conversions and sales. Constantly refine your target audience and build campaigns using the most recent information.

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