zero-code AI Algorithm Engine

DeepZero | iPinYou AI Algorithm Model Platform (Holmes AI)

DeepZero | iPinYou Holmes AI modeling technology supports all our products, including programmatic advertising and user operations. We can automate data and marketing actions with various algorithm models, making them flow like water.

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Product Value
Make Decisions More Accurate and Scientific

- Our algorithmic model streamlines engineers' workflows and reduces model creation barriers.

- Regularly updated insights into market trends and customer demands can lead to more accurate marketing decisions.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Our Holmes algorithm model helps identify and target valuable audiences accurately, focusing on what each customer needs at any moment.

Grow Your Business

Boost the productivity, creativity, and intelligence of your customer success, and turn your customer journey into a best-in-class product.

Product Highlights
Out-of-the-Box Intelligent Decision-Making Capability

- The pre-set TA features are massive and cover multiple scenarios. - There are 14 major categories and over 50 sub-categories of intelligence models that cover advertising and user operation fields. - The tool is ready to use and can be easily customized.

Mature Practices with Proven Results

- We have rich experience in serving over 2,000 clients. - Our product has been repeatedly validated, serving over 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

Intelligent Engine Empowers Upper-Level Applications

- Clear customer profiles will be made with real-time modeling labels - Better marketing strategy will be based on customer preference and sales prediction.

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