A New-Launched FMCG Brand from a Globally-Renowned Dairy Giant

Build up its brand quickly in a new market with our DMP and adserving, achieved:

300,000 impressions
2% CTR
sales volume 25% higher than expected
E-commerce Director

We're thrilled with DeepZero | iPinYou's DMP and advertising solutions. They quickly and effectively helped us reach our target audience, resulting in impressive impressions, CTR, and sales volume. Their precise targeting and use of different creatives for different audiences were instrumental in increasing conversion rates and helping with in-store shopping. Highly recommended!

Brief Background of the Brand

A European dairy giant has released "B&W Milk Tea" for Hong Kong's young people, but lacks recognition in the FMCG sector. The company aims to enhance mass appeal and partner with the city's two primary convenience store channels for distribution.

Business Challenges
Challenge 1

For a new product line from a foreign brand with less awareness in the FMCG industry, how to quickly launch the products and build up the brand?

Challenge 2

As a new product line, how to profile the target audience, choose highly-performed media and optimize in real-time?

Challenge 3

How to use online advertising to precisely help with in-store shopping?

DeepZero Solutions
Solution 1

Constructing DeepZero | iPinYou DMP to profile the core audience, generate a seed group, and expand the potential member base with the extended function of "lookalike" provided by a third party.

Solution 2

Choose media with a high rate of target audience (young people who enjoy fashion, food, outdoor activities, and making friends) and high click-through rates.

Solution 3

Distribute different creatives for different target audiences across online apps/mini-programs of the two convenience stores to increase conversion.

Business Value

The campaign achieved 300,000 impressions, a 2% CTR, and 25% higher sales volume than expected. Using DeepZero | iPinYou DMP and ad-serving, we quickly build brand recognition in a new market and increase in-store purchases by digital methods.

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