Pricise and Personalized Marketing

Marketing Automation Platform

Deepzero | iPinYou Marketing Automation (MA) can intelligently arrange digital marketing strategies to grow your business and automatically execute tasks, delivering an audience - time - channel - behavior - specific message.

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Product Value
Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Target the potential buyers, grow your list, and drive more repeat sales at higher values with hyper-targeted, behavior-triggered marketing automation tools.

Lower Customer Conversion Cost

Behavior-triggered marketing is dynamically personalized for each buyer, and it can increase return on ad spend by enabling better targeting and omnichannel engagement.

Flexible Customization

We provide pre-built automation workflows while supporting less-code customized development needs of enterprises.

Product Highlights
One-Stop Automated Marketing

- Real-time dynamic marketing triggered by customer behavior, such as completing after-sales service, triggers a satisfaction survey. - Regularly sending highly personalized messages based on every interaction with your brand. - Running a single marketing campaign during significant sales events, such as the 618 shopping festival, birthday celebrations, and brand anniversaries.

Scalable NBA Strategy

- Stable operation of massive data at billion-level - NBA (Next Best Action) strategy, reaching the right audience at the right time through the proper channels with the right content

Expandable Channel Collaborative Operations

- Combine your SMS, email, and WeChat marketing into one platform to drive more sales and communicate directly with your customers. - Connect with enterprise applications, such as CRM and survey systems. - Enable ultra-personalization and customization.

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