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Trading Desk (Marketing API)

DeepZeo | iPinYou Trading Desk is a centralized platform that helps advertisers manage their campaigns across various direct bidding platforms in China. The platform integrates campaign data, optimizes campaign strategies automatically, and provides comprehensive performance analysis.

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Product Value
Make Ad Buying More Efficient and Cheaper

By unifying your digital advertising network, and making sure pricing transparency and price control in real-time, we will improve your advertising performance and increase your reach.

Scientific analysis and full digital data application

We process scientific evaluation and optimization associated with advertisement placement from various platforms and connecting with multiple media.

Data- and algorithm- driven marketing to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Instead of experientialism, our AI-empowered machine learning technology will continuously adjust the placement to ensure engaging your ideal consumer in the right moment.

Product Highlights
Seamless Ad Platforms Access

Trading Desk offers unified access to China's leading direct bidding platforms like Bytedance Ocean Engine PMP, Tencent Ads, Kwai Ads, and DeepZero | iPinYou Optimus DSP, so you can leverage our strategies and solutions to reach the right Chinese audience wherever they are through display, native, CTV, search, social and more.

AI-Empowered Optimization

With audience insights, custom algorithms, and access to log-level and historical data, your campaigns will be continually optimized to reach the right audiences for more efficient and scalable growth.

Unified Management and Reporting

We manage your cross-media strategies, creatives, and audiences together. Our customized dashboards provide campaign performance analysis with seamless data across every channel.

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