Full-Funnel, Intelligent, End to End

AlphaData™: Analyse, Organise and Activate your Campaign Data

AlphaData™ is a data management platform that provides intelligent user insights and drives engagement. It delivers seamlessly connected services in one place to improve conversion rates, increase repurchase rates, and maximize ROI.

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Platform Highlights
Omni-channel Coverage and Interaction

- Automated aggregation, governance, and large-scale data analysis across all platforms and channels, whether paid or owned, are essential for effective marketing strategies.
- Utilizing omnichannel marketing and communication methods, including email, SMS, WeChat, and others, allow businesses to reach and engage with their customers in various ways.

End-to-End Full Customer Experience Journey

- Automatically label each interaction with each customer.
- Connecting pre-click and post-click data.
- Carrying out automatic strategic marketing at key nodes.

AI-Empowered Marketing Decisions

- Unique "Holmes AI," providing data insight and marketing automatically.
- Deliver a message that’s audience-, time-, channel-, and behavior-specific.

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