An International Fashion Brand

Achieved high performance with our full, insight-driven marketing strategy for entering the Chinese market, resulting in:

sales drove with an ROI of 3.5x
21m impressions generated from paid ads
meaningful sales growth on the e-commerce channel
Marketing Head of Greater China

DeepZero | iPinYou's professional expertise in programmatic advertising in China has helped us overcome legal, platform process, and language barriers, ensuring the successful establishment of our brand and increasing sales. They provide effective media and KOL marketing strategies, and trackable creatives for real-time monitoring and prompt strategy adjustments.

Brief Background of the Brand

The brand is a Norwegian fashion house in Oslo specializing in ready-to-wear fashion articles and accessories. It has gained a strong following internationally and intends to launch in China.

Business Challenges
Challenge 1

To ensure as much bang for their buck as possible, all marketing activities need to build awareness and drive traffic to their newly launched Tmall store.

Challenge 2

It is difficult to track the activity on the Tmall platform to ensure sales delivery and continually optimize the ads based on performance.

DeepZero Solutions
Solution 1

Implement always-on and holiday campaigns to promote content across social channels (both paid and organic) and through influencers.

Solution 2

Seamless click-through from ads/KOL videos to e-commerce stores.

Solution 3

A real-time dashboard can be created to display sales data by cross-matching unique data from social media.

Business Value

The campaign's outcomes have instilled confidence in its measurability and showcased the effectiveness of our KOL selection. Over 100 influencers contributed to driving sales with an ROI of 3.5x within three months. In addition, paid ads generated 21 million impressions and helped to boost sales on the e-commerce platform.

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