A Business-oriented CDP

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Deepzero | iPinYou CDP can aggregate, govern, and analyze large-scale customer data in China, providing data insight for marketing decision-making and marketing automation applications and helping enterprises realize efficient marketing and value-added data assets.

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Product Value
Get to Know Your Customers

By informing customer behavioral analysis and constructing identity graphs, our CDP builds customer profiles in a way that helps your organization get acquainted with each individual.

Improved Customer Loyalty and Retention

Increase customer adoption and satisfaction by delivering personalized messages to multiple devices in different customer journeys.

Increase Customer Conversions

Our algorithm-driven analysis tools provide a deeper understanding of your customer's preferences and needs by discovering what each segment finds most valuable. This enables you to convey more accurately tailored marketing messages to each segment.

Product Highlights
Collect and Unify Customer Data

- Collect real-time data from a variety of sources (both online and offline, internal and external with a variety of formats and structures) and convert that disparate data into a standardized form to generate a customer profile
- Continuously processes batch and streaming data to keep profiles up-to-date and accurate

Customer-centered Segmentation and Labeling

-Flexible: divide customers into groups that can be targeted by selecting any labels that describe a customer's demographics, geography, psychographic, and behavioral data.
-We also offer labels that describe products and places.

Customized 360 View of Customer Journey

- Pre-set commonly used data analysis models, including event and funnel analyses.
- Perform deep analysis in real-time with flexible customization of metrics and dimensions.

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