Tourism Agency of a European Country

Make the country the first long-haul travel destination among Chinese travelers.

A 211% increase in flight booking
Unskippable at Scale 132M impressions
Cross - Device Matches 5M Mobile Devices
Project Manager

DeepZero | iPinYou is our trusted partner, showcasing exceptional professionalism and expertise in travel industry advertising. With their vast resources in OTT media and powerful targeting capabilities, we have successfully delivered cross-device ads to millions of households in China, significantly increasing flight ticket bookings. The digital footprint after the campaign has proven invaluable for future marketing strategies.

Brief Background of the Brand

The agency is responsible for promoting and developing the country as a tourism destination. As China's cross-border tourism fully resumed in early 2023, to attract more Chinese travelers, they would like to increase Chinese viewers on their website.

Business Challenges
Challenge 1

How to locate the Chinese traveler? Without data and technology support, it is difficult to figure out who are the Agency's potential customers, where to find them, and how to target them.

Challenge 2

How to drive conversion abroad? How to drive audiences from media exposure to the landing page seamlessly?

Challenge 3

How to measure ROI? How to track actual conversion?

DeepZero Solutions
Solution 1

Focus on interests prospecting on business, travel, and family audience groups. Always-on campaign to re-target audiences who bought outbound group travel services, and booked or searched for outbound hotel and air tickets.

Solution 2

Choose both comprehensive and vertical mediums, match mobile devices with OTT devices, and deliver unskippable impressions. Our technology allows brands to use various channels to drive their customers to the websites / mini-programs.

Solution 3

Our DSP and DMP can allow international campaigns to have actual ROI attribution and Landing page UX analysis to maximize conversions. DeepZero | iPinYou partners with China Telecoms to be able to analyze the digital profile and conversion of the individuals who saw the Creatives.

Business Value

We helped increase flight bookings from China to the country by 211% within four months by delivering unskippable impressions at a scale of 132 million, controlling the frequency to 80 million households, and matching five million mobile devices with OTT devices. The peak exposure reached around 2,300,000 and CTR increased by 2.3%. All cross-device user anonymous data can be analyzed to create profiles and be used for retargeting with personalized creatives and sequential messaging.

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