Take Control of Media Activation in China

Demand Side Platform (Optimus DSP)

Optimus DSP enables customer engagement on leading Chinese apps through PDB, PD and RTB. It offers cross-app activation across social, video, news, tools, audio podcasts, etc. It also supports cross-device activation on mobile and OTT/CTV. Optimus is an advanced self-serve DSP that provides third-party reporting and ensures brand safety measures for every impression.

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Product Value
Increase Advertising Efficiency by 40% in all Criteria

Optimus DSP connects with hundreds of top media and built-in operation functions to support brands' demands to improve advertising efficiency.

Cost-Effective Reach and Impact on Target Audience

Optimus DSP will support you in selecting each aspect of the campaign from Media and data partners to brand safety and audience analysis partners. Each action increases the effectiveness and efficiency of every reach.

Short-, medium- and long-term Marketing Assessment

We provide a complete marketing assessment system including criteria like TA%, the costs of UV drainage, e-commerce purchases and conversion, etc.

Product Highlights
Activate Across China's Leading Media

-Reach Chinese Audiences through more than 50,000 mainstream apps directly with 17 billion daily ad requests. -Manage all of your key media campaigns from Tencent ADX, Baidu, Sina, and Alibaba TANX to activate your DSP programmatic campaigns.

Precise Targeting with DeepZero | iPinYou Data Providers

-Using data from telecom, maps, UnionPay, e-commerce, and travel, marketers can create their segments based on customer online and offline behavior labels. -Over 6000 Audience Segments are ready to be activated with DeepZero | iPinYou DAAT (Digital Advertisement Audience Taxonomy) - dynamic audience profiles formed by combining various data sources, DeepZero | iPinYou’s proprietary data that cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Neutral, Open, Fair and Transparent

Optimus DSP has end-to-end reports with 70+ detailed criteria that support various analyses and optimization. It makes China's programmatic market accessible for global campaign centralized management.

Reach Your Target Audience with Martech Built for China