Getting the Most out of Your Money

Full-Funnel Campaign Management Platform

iCM is an omnichannel campaign management platform that monitors advertisement efficiency and media planning to achieve optimum budget distribution with efficiency, effectiveness, and intelligence.

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Product Value
Keep on Tracking

With a full vision dashboard in iCM, brands can have a comprehensive view from click to conversion in different channels, so that you can track and optimize media strategy in real-time.

Cross-Channel Operation

To realize cross-channel operation and help with better strategies, iCM can compare all data between the same type of channels, such as e-commerce platforms - JD and Tmall,  search engines, displays, etc.

Significantly Increase ROI

With real-time automatically calculated data such as KPI and ROI, brands can come up with media strategies beforehand as well as adjust the input to different media in the process.

Product Highlights
Full Vision Dashboard, Real-Time Monitoring

With mature reporting API, we display our brand marketing performance in real-time through e-commerce, media display, search, KOL marketing, outdoor, etc.

Cross-Channel Reports

iCM provides unified reports across channels, including digital platforms, out-doors and in-site advertising for e-commerce. We connect data pre- and after-click, offering multi-dimensional filtering and analysis.

Intelligent Budget Distribution

iCM applies the MMM model to distribute the budget wisely so that brands can reach more target audiences with the same budget.

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