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AlphaDesk: China's Leading Media Activation Platform

AlphaDesk is a leading media buying platform that offers a 360º intelligent, transparent, and automated solution for media activation in China. AlphaDesk includes a Demand Side Platform (Optimus DSP), a Trading Desk (TD) that unifies access to China's leading media marketing API, and a campaign management platform (iCM).

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AlphaData: Take Control of Your Audience and Campaign Data

AlphaData is a business data management platform by leveraging cutting-edge AI capabilities and industry-proven data processing technologies to take control of your audience and campaign data.


Data-driven solutions for global marketers and enterprises to enter the Chinese market. We access all of China's leading mobile apps, influencers, and OTT and CTV hardware and APKs in China, and activate your campaign with E-commerce uplift.

Endorsed by Fortune 500 companies and the world's fastest-growing businesses, iPinYou empowers industry leaders across all sectors, from travel and luxury to B2B and e-commerce, to achieve growth in the Chinese market.

DeepZero | iPinYou is our trusted partner, showcasing exceptional professionalism and expertise in travel industry advertising. With their vast resources in OTT media and powerful targeting capabilities, we have successfully delivered cross-device ads to millions of households in China, significantly increasing flight ticket bookings. The digital footprint after the campaign has proven invaluable for future marketing strategies.

DeepZero | iPinYou has provided us with new insights and strategies for user operations that we have yet to consider for this event. It has also brought more tangible sales to our brand, fully demonstrating the value of data in business applications and laying a solid foundation for developing our subsequent user operation strategy.

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