DeepZero | iPinYou Awarded "JD Flagship Digital Intelligence Pioneering Partner of the Year 2023"

DeepZero | iPinYou has been honored with the "JD Flagship Digital Intelligence Pioneering Partner of the Year 2023" at the 2024 JD Future Digital Marketing Summit in Beijing to recognize our strategic partnership's impact with to support clients on the JD platform.

DeepZero | iPinYou and collaborate to drive purchase level and intent-driven audiences to brands' JD stores from various apps and media platforms and analyze real-time sales data from each marketing channel to evaluate the performance.  

By working together, we have effectively tackled the challenges that brands face with expensive on-site JD traffic and verifying the performance of the most popular publishers and APPs in China. Our joint efforts have led to cost savings and improved campaign performance for our clients.

This stable and long-term relationship is a proof to our shared commitment to customer-centric innovation. By launching a digital intelligence marketing platform and other collaborative products, we're empowering CMOs, CTOs, and CIOs with a well-developed marketing software and service solution.

Stay tuned for more updates and look forward to continuing our journey towards driving brand growth and setting the standard for digital intelligence and marketing excellence.