DeepZero | iPinYou was included in Tmall's TOP20 Cases of 2023. This recognition highlights DeepZero | iPinYou's ability to develop solutions and strategies that help brands achieve growth on the Tmall platform. Additionally, DeepZero | iPinYou was recognized as one of the pioneer service providers of Tmall digital tool technology in the second half of 2023.

China's digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, requiring brands to adopt innovative solutions to compete effectively. Being included in Tmall's TOP20 Cases of 2023 recognizes DeepZero | iPinYou's contributions to digital advertising and e-commerce brand growth on this leading platform in China. Notably, DeepZero | iPinYou's patented tag system offers marketers a tool for targeted audience reach within and beyond the Tmall ecosystem.

The Tmall Outstanding Pioneer (TOP) recognition is a testament to developing a sophisticated audience targeting that has provided real advantages to brands who partner with DeepZero | iPinYou.

Being included in this elite list underscores our core role in shaping the future of brand AI marketing.

DeepZero | iPinYou is the only Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certified by Alibaba brand data engine for programmatic marketing solutions. The ongoing collaboration with Tmall further strengthens their position in the programmatic marketing landscape within the platform.

The Significance of Inclusion in Tmall's TOP20 Cases

Tmall Super Flagship Program fosters innovation and excellence among brands operating within its ecosystem. Within this initiative, the Tmall Outstanding Pioneer (TOP) 20 is awarded annually to 20 cases from various industries. This prestigious award is given to solutions that demonstrate innovation and attain superior performance.

TOP20 represents the cutting-edge outcomes of collaborations between Tmall's Super Captaincy (Flagship) Program and its ecosystem of professional service providers. The selection is aimed at enabling brands to gain a deeper understanding of the strategies and specific steps needed to tackle various business scenarios effectively. DeepZero | iPinYou’s inclusion emphasizes our innovative solutions and strategic approaches will help these brands thrive on the Tmall platform, setting benchmarks for others in the industry to follow.

Driving Conversion from Profiling Your Target Audience with Omni-channel Consumer Behavior

Relying on the vast growth opportunities that the Chinese market continues to offer, Veet, a French brand that relies on women's care to gain a foothold in China, is looking for innovative ways to navigate its complexities and tap into its diverse consumer base.

Understanding the challenges associated with cultivating consumer awareness and product recognition, especially in a traditionally female-dominated category, Veet was eager to achieve its marketing goals with a customized strategy under a limited budget. DeepZero | iPinYou leveraged Tmall DIGITAL's labeled data to model consumer segments across various tiers, and then attract target customer groups back to Tmall for conversion, enabling a refined and targeted approach to the outreach strategy.

Our solution: Target customers via Omni-channel and customize strategies for different genders to maximize engagement and drive conversions.

"Expansive" for Women

[STEP1] Insight

Media insight: utilize insight into the media preferences of young female groups (entertainment apps) as media touchpoints.

Search engine behavior insight: segment high-demand female customers who have searched for the product or similar type keywords.

[STEP2] Media Strategy

Focus on pan-entertainment apps, with information and social video apps as supplements to enhance reach efficiency.

"Precise" for Men

[STEP1] Insight

Figure out the brand's high-potential audience under the Tmall Toolkit and DeepZero | iPinYou data analysis. Analyze the user behavior of the male segment on Tmall and observe similar audiences in other Chinese media to understand their preferences and identify the segments with genuine needs.

[STEP2] Media Strategy

Utilize historically high-converting media platforms, focusing on the information flow ad format to enhance conversion rates among male users.

So proud to announce that this campaign has led to a remarkable 80% increase in user growth rate for Veet during the same period, and the user growth cost has decreased by 40%, while the new customer conversion rate has seen an increase of over 40%. Additionally, the cost of converting new customers has been reduced by 20%. This successful partnership proves the potential of precision marketing and reinforces the value of our expertise in delivering impactful marketing solutions. We are excited to continue fostering innovative strategies that drive brand growth and redefine market boundaries.

Proving ROI from Connecting Tmall User Data with Other Chinese Leading Media During Big Sale

CHANDO, a local Chinese beauty brand with breakthrough technology and brand strength, recognized the need to upgrade its brand promotion strategy to stay ahead of the curve. As a result, in this year's 618 Shopping Festival campaign, CHANDO targeted new customers differentially and precise ad delivery to guide the purchase behavior of Tmall stores, which will help to improve the ROI of CHANDO Tmall stores.

To delve deeper into customer insights and awaken potential customers, we entailed a meticulous analysis of media traffic and the creation of a tailored tag tree for CHANDO that identified the core selling points for distinct customer groups.

Our solution:

[STEP1] Find out target segments through cross-match data

By matching the brand's first-party data and media user behavior data in Chinese leading media, DeepZero | iPinYou generated insight that fashionable women are the main demographic driving growth in this campaign.

[STEP2] Audience insight with a toolkit from Tmall DIGITAL and DeepZero | iPinYou

We profiled Tmall users who have purchased the product or competitors' products before. This allows us to attribute customers to see which media they like to use under DeepZero | iPinYou technology, and look-alike to see similar segments in other Chinese media.

[STEP3] Audience and media strategy under data insights

With data combination and analysis from various sources, we were able to select segments with the highest historical CTR and conversion and chose high-convert media for precise targeting.

We achieved a significant boost in the CHANDO Tmall store's ROI during the 618 Shooping Festival promotion. The overall ROI of the CHANDO Tmall store has improved by 50%+ compared to the promotion festival on "Women's Day" which happened on 8th March, and the ROI of individual products has increased by 15%+. At the same time, the overall exposure completion rate of the main promoted products reached 100%, the click completion rate reached 160%+, and the CTR was higher than the estimated value. It not only exceeded the anticipated outcomes but also achieved remarkable growth in acquiring new brand followers.

This milestone demonstrates the power of strategic audience expansion and the effectiveness of combining in-depth media insights with advanced digital tools. This is what DeepZero | iPinYou does, committing to driving brand growth through intelligent data-driven strategies. This level of precision is invaluable for brands looking to maximize their ROI in a crowded digital marketplace.

In Conversation: Voice from Our Partners

We hope to convey the idea that "we care about women" so that contemporary women can confidently show themselves in this complex society. This is also our responsibility to share with consumers. We choose to cooperate with iPinYou and Tmall DIGITAL because we believe in the power of data, which can not only help us find the "her" we need but also improve the efficiency of communication with "her".

Vivienne, Brand Manager, Veet

"For the 618 mid-year promotion, our collaboration with Tmall and iPinYou empowered our media delivery capabilities, attracting high-quality traffic for the CHANDO, and fostering growth in new customer groups. From pre-campaign data preparation and mid-campaign strategy optimization to post-campaign data review, the entire operations team worked proactively throughout the cooperation. Ultimately, we exceeded our marketing campaign expectations and look forward to further collaboration.

Louise, Media Director, CHANDO