DeepZero | iPinYou was awarded a 'Five-star TMALL Service Partner' for the second year in a row along with four additional prestigious awards by TMALL partner awards for the first half of 2023.

Tmall evaluated their approved partners’  ability to increase captaincy store visits, follower growth, content marketing, and product value. Tmall-approved partners are companies who share data to provide joint solutions to innovate and drive digital transformation for brands with captaincy stores.

Tmall Awards Overview for DeepZero|iPinYou

Five Star Service Partner

The Five-start service partner status is a comprehensive award to Martech companies that excel in Tmall digital transformation. This allows for brands to understand which partners provide the best value, strategy, and returns to support the growth of captaincy stores in one of China's leading e-commerce platforms.

Super Captaincy Store Pioneer Digital Service Partner

This award is for companies that consistently provide top-tier brands with solutions to the core challenge of how to create sustainable customer growth through digital transformation. DeepZero | iPinYou ability to engage with leading FMCG, Luxury, and cosmetics brands to deliver strategic growth plans where each brand could maximize their audience assets, define new product recommendations, and captaincy follower engagement.

Digital Tool Pioneer Partner

Tmall Partners has developed a plethora of digital strategy tools to aid in the growth and development of brands. DeepZero | iPinYou provides an exceptional AIPL dashboard for traffic from all media and KOLs, which connects your marketing touchpoints to real business sales data. We also offer digital strategy tools to help them gain valuable market insights, make informed decisions, and improve brands' day-to-day operations.

Outstanding Service Partner in Segmentation Ability

This award is designed to recognize Partners with exceptional segmentation capabilities. With DeepZero | iPinYou segmentation capabilities, brands could profile their core audience through a comprehensive analysis of their data, media data, and third-party data, match the TA portrait with main Tmall segments, and target the potential audience across all channels and devices. We can also help to define brands' own AIPL dashboard for segmentation and analysis.

Outstanding Service Partner in Content Ability

This award is given to Tmall partners who guide brands in digital content marketing operations including content planning, production, and evaluation. DeepZero | iPinYou helps find brands' best-performance creatives by A/B test to optimize the content reach, interaction, traffic, and attraction by influencers, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Why is it important to get these awards with Tmall

As a leading e-commerce platform in China, TAOBAO and TMALL GROUP provides a platform for merchants who have ambitions of starting their own business by opening a digital shop in China. Many of them find success and prosper in the TAOBAO and TMALL GROUP. With newcomers still needing time to develop and grow and leading brands seeking growth breakthroughs, plans are made to elevate and enhance the development of brands.

Breaking into China’s lucrative e-commerce market has never been easier. DeepZero | iPinYou, a recognized Tmall partner, has developed joint tools and solutions that utilize digital assets to help brands accelerate their growth in China's e-commerce market. These tools provide brands with a deeper understanding of the market environment, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies for success.

Who are the consumers shopping on Tmall?

According to Alibaba's June Quarter 2023 financial results, for the month ended June 30, the Taobao app grew average daily active users  (DAU) by 6.5% year-over-year, resulting from effective user acquisition programs and improved retention of Taobao app users during the quarter. QuestMobile data shows the number of daily active users on Taobao has reached 402 million, maintaining its position as the industry leader. Importantly, 9.15 million people participated in the 6.18 Shopping Festival, which generated solid growth in order volume and average order value.

In 2019, Bain and Tmall identified eight strategic online consumer groups, including Rookie White Collars, Wealthy Middle Class, Supermoms, Small-Town Youth, Gen Z, Urban Gray Hairs, Small-Town Mature Crowd, and Urban Blue Collars. These groups make up 80% of FMCG platform users and over 90% of gross merchandise volume. The groups fall into three clusters: Backbone consumers (Rookie White Collars, Wealthy Middle Class, and Supermoms), New Power consumers (Small-Town Youth and Gen Z), and Blue Ocean consumers (Urban Gray Hairs, Small-Town Mature Crowd, and Urban Blue Collars), with the Backbone consumers being the most mature and sophisticated, the New Power consumers showing the most potential, and the Blue Ocean consumers being the least developed. The analysis of the eight segments is more informative for brands, but referring to the three clusters can also be helpful in some cases.

As a Tmall Partner, how DeepZero|iPinYou utilize Tmall digital assets and capability?

iPinYou, an AI technology-driven marketing company, drives traffic from China's leading media platforms to your e-commerce stores.

•Profile your high-potential customers by matching your core segments with Tmall segments and iPinYou segments.

•Media/KOL selection: Select media or influencers with a high percentage of the target audience (TA%) from China's leading media and thousands of KOLs.

•Media activation: Activate your target audience across China's leading media and cross-device activation through mobile, social, video, OTT, and audio podcasts.

•Find best creatives: Deliver different creatives to different segments on different platforms. Conduct A/B tests to figure out high-performing creatives.

•Optimization with e-commerce data: Track the activity with real-time Tmall sales data (AIPL) to ensure delivery and continually optimize the ads based on performance, closing the loop from advertising to e-commerce sales.

If you want to grow your captaincy store with the best data-driven solutions, don't hesitate to get in touch.