iPinYou's parent company DeepZero (iPinYou China) has been categorized as a Major Player in the latest IDC MarketScape: APJ Customer Data Platform Software Providers 2023 Vendor Assessment. According to the IDC Asia/Pacific Marketscape 2023 report, it is predicted that 50% of Asia-based 1000 organizations will adopt CDPs for real-time customer interactions by 2024.

According to IDC, DeepZero | iPinYou CDP shows particular strength in:

➡  Comprehensive AI/ ML augmented user workflows, providing the most significant number of AI/ ML workflow augmentation capabilities for CX/ line-of-business and data science users.

➡ Robust journey/ lifecycle analytics and outbound activation options, providing wide-ranging features to analyze consumer lifecycle progression, including best path to success, segment migration, attributes, and events.

➡ Flexible cloud-based delivery options, including on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid.

IDC notes brands can “consider DeepZero | iPinYou if you are a large enterprise looking to penetrate the China market and your top objective is to provide seamless omnichannel journeys coupled with intelligent market automation."

"Customers in automotive, consumer brands, retail, healthcare, and manufacturers should consider DeepZero | iPinYou for its deep data expertise in data integration, analytics, and AI-based augmentation."

Brands in the luxury, fashion, and beauty sectors work with DeepZero | iPinYou | iPinYou’s media tech platforms to uniquely cross-match data from apps such as RED, Weibo, and Douyin against sales data on e-commerce outlets such as Tmall. Brands that work with DeepZero | iPinYou’s tech to build campaigns can gain insight around (anonymized) Chinese consumer interaction with their ads or KOL content that drives traffic onto Tmall, making them well-positioned to optimize their marketing campaigns.