DeepZero | iPinYou was honored with the title of "Outstanding Solution Partner for the Year 2022" at the 2022 JD Cloud City Summit in Shanghai for its brilliant data-driven Uni Marketing capability, user growth solutions and end-to-end serving level. At the summit, the Vice President of JD Group and President of JD Cloud Business Group Gao Liqiang, stated that an intelligent and digital supply chain will become a key engine supporting efficient collaboration in super-complex industrial scenarios.

As a long-term partner of JD Cloud, DeepZero | iPinYou has provided digital and intelligent marketing technology services for various industries such as automotive, FMCG, and retail, earning recognition from industry magnates. Leveraging JD consumer data, iPinYou segment data and brand first-party data, DeepZero | iPinYou can provide a more specific target audience profile, predict their purchase intentions and target more profiled users in open Chinese media and apps.

In the future, DeepZero will continue collaborating with JD Technology to support brand digital marketing, helping the real economy and digital economy develop in high quality through industrial synergy and co-construction of ecological connections.