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Quickly establish a foothold in China with our finely-tuned marketing strategies.

New install CoS (=cost/revenue) decreased to one-fifth within the 90-day period.
CPI decreased 20% within 2 years.
Brand Director

DeepZero | iPinYou is an essential partner of our luxury brand, and they show their stable and reliable products and services have helped us to explore the potential and trends of the market. We have a better understanding to gain insight into audience needs and behaviors and formulate more targeted marketing strategies.

Brief Background of the Brand

The online luxury fashion retailer offers a curated selection of designer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from over 3,000 luxury brands. The company is headquartered in London and was planning to enter China market in 2018.

Business Challenges
Challenge 1

As a newcomer to China, it can be challenging to quickly understand the Chinese market and integrate fragmented media resources. How can the company quickly build its brand awareness in this situation?

Challenge 2

In the highly competitive market of domestic and international luxury e-commerce in China, how to accurately reach luxury consumers and maximize the ROI of their advertising budget?

Challenge 3

Typically, it takes longer to convert luxury purchases. Therefore, how to quickly convert new customers, and accurately assess the quality of these new customers?

DeepZero Solutions
Solution 1

According to Chinese consumer behaviour, we proposed the mobile-focus and app-based adserving strategy.

Solution 2

With the objective of increasing brand website and app views and driving conversion, we developed a three-step strategy: branding, prospecting, and retargeting. Branding strategy to attract new users: Deliver personalized creatives to users in top-tier media who are located in first-tier cities and follow luxury accounts. Prospecting to reach the target audience precisely, attract download and purchase. Bringing back specific visitors, remarket to them to increase their loyalty and encourage repurchase.

Solution 3

To ensure stable growth of KPIs, we conduct comprehensive data analysis and optimize strategies based on advertising scenarios throughout the entire process.

Business Value

To help a brand quickly establish a foothold in China, we develop finely tuned marketing strategies that lead to sustained growth across all marketing scenarios, from branding, and prospecting to remarketing. As a result, we were able to decrease the New Install Cost of Sales (CoS) to one-fifth within a 90-day period. Additionally, we conduct always-on campaigns to enhance brand awareness and attract new customers. Over the course of two years, we were also able to decrease 20% of the Cost Per Install (CPI).

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