In the latest edition of "The Source 2024", iPinYou has been listed as one of the top marketing technology agencies in China, the report has been created by R3 Consultants to help companies improve their marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

R3 has been assisting clients in navigating China's complex and ever-changing marketing landscape for over a decade. "The Source," also known as the "China Excellent Agency Golden Book," features over 150 top Creative, Media, Digital, PR, Marketing Services, E-Commerce, MCN, and Martech agencies in China, making it a powerful resource for marketers and agencies looking for the latest relationship trends and top agencies in China. The study examines over 600 client-agency relationships spanning more than 250 companies, providing valuable insights into agency selection and compensation trends, procurement trends, and others.

China's online market is lucrative but fragmented, with 1.08 billion internet users, 2.6 million active apps, and 3.83 million websites. In this challenging environment, DeepZero | iPinYou, as a pioneering martech firm, helps global clients in various sectors such as travel, luxury, skincare and cosmetics, fashion, finance, healthcare, and FMCG groups, expand their footprint in China by utilizing AI-enabled programmatic advertising technology. Our access to all major local apps, ad exchanges, and bidding platforms enables it to attract and engage brands' target audiences, delivering complete control and transparency over media buying, making the Chinese Programmatic Market accessible for global campaign centralized management. The company's expertise in this area is a key reason why it has been recognized as one of the top marketing technology agencies in China.

DeepZero | iPinYou is committed to offering exceptional services to our clients and helping you achieve your business goals in China. If you're interested in learning more about our services and seeing some of our case studies, head over to

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