On March 22nd, the annual JD Technology 2023 Brand Growth Summit, hosted by JD Technology, was held in Shanghai with the theme of "Integration and Openness, Intelligent Growth". DeepZero | iPinYou was invited to attend and became a Strategic Partner of JD Technology with excellent solutions for overall user growth and intelligent end-to-end service capabilities. Enterprises from over 300 brands at the event discussed industry trends, online and offline strategies, public and private domain growth, and brand shaping. This is also DeepZero | iPinYou's second invitation to attend the JD Technology City Summit as an outstanding partner of JD Technology for many years.

At this event, JD Technology anchored in the DaaS field, positioning itself as an all-scenario, all-channel, integrated platform. A signing ceremony was also held with strategic partners.

At the summit, the product and solution leaders of JD Technology emphasized that DaaS is the foundation of brand intelligence growth, and a data intelligence platform built around the core scene is more efficient. JD Cloud provides brands with ideas for breaking through the challenges of intelligence growth through three major capabilities: unified user insights, integrated marketing across all scenarios, and user operations across all channels. JD Technology's data intelligence capabilities help achieve breakthrough growth in data advantages, member value, customer experience, and more. In the future, JD Technology plans to establish more open cooperation with partners and grow together with brands.

The product and solution leaders of JD Technology

Furthermore, DeepZero | iPinYou and JD Technology held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony to jointly promote marketing intelligence transformation and reshape brand growth. We will launch a data-driven marketing solution to grow brands' business in JD.com by improving the operational efficiency from advertising, digital marketing, CRM, and e-commerce operations to sales management.

Strategic cooperation signing ceremony of DeepZero | iPinYou and JD Technology

The joint products and solutions developed by DeepZero | iPinYou and JD Technology can help customers solve various marketing problems through the integration of AI capabilities and cooperation in data flow. They empower brands' digital and intelligent marketing, manage various data from multiple channels, and help enterprises achieve all-scenario digital customer acquisition, full-lifecycle customer management, full-journey automated marketing, and full-link data insights. This leads to continuous business growth for enterprises and helps decision-makers gain accurate business insights.