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How iPinYou helped advertisers stand out from the competitors during Singles' day


SEATTLE, Feb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Singles' Day is an annual e-commerce event in China that is smashing previous records for the world's largest retail event (The Guardian). The date, November 11th, is chosen because the number "1" resembles an individual that is alone. The Singles' Day splurge was initially launched by Alibaba in 2009 as an "anti-Valentine's Day" for singles to pamper themselves (CBS News). Over the years, it has transformed into the world's biggest online shopping day, with sales hitting a new record of $25.3 billion in 2017 – a 40% jump from last year (New York Times). The event is nearly four times larger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, the two biggest shopping days in the US (Mashable). Chinese consumers made 1.48 billion transactions on Alibaba platform in 24 hours (China Internet Watch). Singles' Day represents the aspiration for quality consumption and the strong purchasing power of Chinese consumers. Brands and marketers fight hard in order to maximize their ROI.

To help brands achieve their goals on Singles' Day, iPinYou equipped its clients with tailored programmatic advertising strategies. With the strategies, iPinYou reached nearly 95% of online shoppers from both PC and mobile devices, including registered Taobao users, and high-frequency e-commerce shoppers. iPinYou leveraged technologies to label online shoppers based on four dimensions: interests in different product categories, related keywords of search behavior, visiting history of e-commerce and/or brand official websites, and shopping cart activity. Based on audience engagement data, iPinYou is able to develop hyper targeted audience segments and delivery personalized messages.

iPinYou served a number of brands across different industries such as Suning (the leading home appliance brand in China), Adidas, and Lenovo in 2017.  To maximize the advertising efficiency, it seized the opportunity of the traffic peaks before and after Singles' Day. It generated 12 billion impressions, 80 million clicks, and 5.6 million orders from November 1st to 11th. With iPinYou's programmatic expertise, Suning was ranked as the No.1 Tmall Store on Singles' Day. (China Internet Watch) It gained a 163% lift in order numbers, with 4.7 times its average conversion rate and a 31:1 ROI.

Singles' Day, now the largest shopping holiday in the world, incorporates not only online retailers but also other advertisers in different industries. Travel brands such as IHG and Venetian Hotels invested in specific event campaigns in November. This time period is ideal to promote new brands and products since Chinese consumers have a strong propensity to make purchases.

As a leading data driven programmatic buying company in China, iPinYou utilized strategy and experience for its clients by fighting the Singles' Day battle alongside, which brought the clients glorious victory. There are also many other shopping festivals in China market including 618 ( major mid-year shopping festival) and 1212 (a day that Taobao and offer a huge discount online)  which have surfaced as busy trading season with great business potential. Observing the upward trend of buying power, iPinYou is looking forward to future shopping events in China to be more preeminent and will continuously give the best play in programmatic advertising.


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