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iPinYou announced new ad serving partnership with the Estee Lauder Companies inc


iPinYou is delighted to announce a new partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

iPinYou will leverage Ad Serving and data management solutions to enhance its business decision-making capabilities.

We’re thrilled and very proud to partner with this incredible leading company in the beauty industry as we support them with solutions to meet today’s needs and scale for tomorrow’s successes.



About AlphaDesk™

One-Stop Intelligent Media Management Platform

iPinYou’s AlphaDesk™ one-stop intelligent media management platform, based on advanced algorithms of big data and AI and delivered by an industry-leading operations team, is the only intelligent ad management system integrating data across data sources including first-part data management platform and third-party data, and it supports multi-level data sorting as well. AlphaDesk™ combines three key features - omnichannel touchpoints, full transparency and full intelligence - to help brands effectively boost user growth and deliver the overall advertising efficiency by up to 40%.

Omnichannel Touchpoints

With omni-scenario coverage encompassing personal, home and outdoor scenarios, AlphaDesk™ provides a multi-dimensional “private-domain ad traffic pool” covering both core and low-line markets for advertisers. It is the only one-stop intelligent media management platform in the industry.

Full Transparency

With solid experience and expertise built over 11 years in the marketing industry, iPinYou has a powerful anti-fraud engine capable of modeling normal user behavior based on analysis of massive user behavior data and identifying and blocking abnormal users and abnormal traffic by performing comprehensive semantic analysis of ad contexts based on the word vector model and other algorithms to block fraudulent traffic from the source and ensure advertising security and effectiveness. Meanwhile, iPinYou has maintained long-term cooperation with domestic and overseas third-party anti-fraud and brand security solution providers (such as GrapShot, IAS and RTBAsia) based on arrangements such as instant sharing of blacklists and anti-fraud models, which allows it to continually strengthen its anti-fraud capabilities and technologies and effectively protect brand security. In addition, iPinYou’s proprietary “divine eye” algorithm enables online filtering and embedding of third-party brand security services to ensure authentic user reach.

Functionally, AlphaDesk™ possesses five key transparency capabilities, i.e. ad traffic transparency, billing transparency, audience data transparency, transparency of third-party functions, and transparency of bought media data.

Full Intelligence

iPinYou has developed a series of intelligent products powered by machine learning algorithms and big data technology, which have served over 2,000 brands and helped build and validate its AI and big data capabilities. Its latest heavyweight product, AlphaDesk™, coming with iPinYou's signature AI prowess, provides customers with one-stop intelligent services through three intelligent modules. Encompassing the entire marketing campaign life-cycle, it not only provides big data-based media planning and prediction and enables utilization of advertiser's first-party data in ad campaigns and real-time optimization of media strategies, but also provides multidimensional data analysis of campaign effectiveness. The insights thus gained can feed back on the various marketing strategies on audience, content and media to form a positive closed loop.


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