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iPinYou joined Tmall’s customer operation vendors matrix, jointly building “Grow 2.0” ecosystem


Recently, iPinYou joined Tmall’s customer operation vendors team. As a leading Martech provider, iPinYou is now a certified technology vendor of both Tmall Customer Center and Tmall Innovation Center

As COVID-19 is accelerating enterprise digital transformation, enterprises are facing the challenge of how to utilize it to increase efficiency and boost their business growth. Under these circumstances, relying on Alibaba’s mountain of data and Bain’s insights gained from working with consumer goods and retail companies in China, Tmall, Bain and Alimama jointly launched the report of “Grow 2.0 Brand Digitalization Growth Solutions and Applications”. Aimed at providing a guide for brands, the report touched on both digital solutions and index for brand growth.


Focused on the theme of “growth”, the report put forward an index for brand growth, which centered on promoting average revenue per user (ARPU). The index categorized brand GMV(Gross Merchandise Value) into 3 factors: “Gain,Retain and bOOst”. The absolute value of the increased GMV due to each factor, is the brand’s index score. Meanwhile, as new products are contributing more and more to brand growth, “Widen” is also qualified for criteria measuring brand growth capability.The report also listed defining growth direction, formulating growth strategy and turning the strategy into action as 3 digital solutions for brand growth.


As one of Tmall’s consumer management vendors, iPinYou has built China’s largest audience measurement database with 6000+ profiling tags on 70+ dimensions. With our ability of 360-degree audience profiling, brands are able to manage the complete customer journey and deliver tailored message for each stage of that journey.


As part of the Grow 2.0 ecosystem, iPinYou is also listed as one of the outstanding technical vendors in Q4 2019. Together with Tmall, iPinYou is committed to helping brands make data-driven decision and accelerate its digital transformation.

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