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How to build core competitiveness of enterprises in the Digital Age? iPinYou & Edenred Seminar Highlights Revealed


In the early days of the Internet, Marketing focus on obtaining  online traffic  from platform e-commerce, online store and media. However, the market environment has changed with the disappearance of the flow dividend.


Nowadays, how to divert the public domain traffic scattered in different places  to the private domain traffic pool matrix to carry out refined operations  has become the key to creating brand value.


On April 9,  the seminar with the theme of “winning the future of Enterprise private domain operation” held by iPinYou and Edenredfinished successfully  in Shanghai.


Mark Xie iPinYou Co-founder and COO ,delivered a  speech, which topic is "Activating the Value of first-party  Data Assets", discussed the co-construction of enterprise traffic ecology and digital transformation with  guests from   various industries such as auto, FMCG and medicine.


01 The three elements of "content + user + touch point",

Help solve the problem of customer acquisition


At the event site, Mark Xie said that with the  dispersal of initial large-scale commercial gaps and the demographic dividends, online traffic acquisition is getting harder and harder.


At this stage, companies are facing  two problems:


The first one is the construction of corporate private domain ecology. In the process of diverting third-party platform users to the corporate private domain pool, companies are faced with many uncertainties in terms of the target, the time of impact, and the target content, and they cannot effectively guarantee the drainage effect.


The second question is how to improve user loyalty. The nature of the private domain ecology is inseparable from user loyalty. In the process of building user loyalty, user preferences and the reasons that affect user retention have become pain points that many companies urgently need to solve.


In the digital economy era, in-depth operations through digital means have become the key to solving the above problems. Mark Xie  pointed out that the decline of external public domain traffic has made the challenge of private domain ecology particularly prominent. Solving the problem of customer acquisition through data and technology has become a rigid demand for enterprises.


So he proposed the "content + user + touch point" user operation solution, through the balanced combination of such three elements to make the abstract problem concrete, match the actual application scenarios of the brand , so as to realize the value mining of global data. Taking the "user" dimension as an example, iPinYou helps brands build One ID through its rich ID access experience,  and provides different labeling capabilities to match the actual application scenarios of the brand.


02Release the global intelligent operation platform,

Building a moat for brand sustainable growth


With the accelerated development of new industries and new ecology, the integration of digital means and loyalty has become an important way of efficient operation.


In order to fully release the superior capabilities of CRM and CDP and realize in-depth operations,  providing customers with more value, at the private meeting site, iPinYou  and Edenred  published  a global intelligent operation platform jointly.


This platform will empower enterprises with different attributes and different scenarios. iPinYou  will distinguish labels from more dimensions to improve prediction accuracy, and  Edenred will optimize the overall consumer journey, they will empower corporate digital marketing together.


In the panel section, Song Tan, Director of Data Products and Solutions of the Customer Business Growth Department ; Bob, Director of Business Development of Edenred , discussed many  issues with guests such as  the meaning of datathe value of data marketingand how high-value companies can achieve purchase forecasts. Looking forward to  how companies can grasp marketing trends the next decade.


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