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Great news!| iPinYou's CDP was selected as Top50 Product of Brand Partner Marketing Digital Transformation


With  the new normal of China’s economic development, industrial digitization has entered a fast lane. For many companies, choosing a growth-oriented digital system service provider with solid landing capabilities has become the best  way  to build their core competitiveness.


Recently, Fat Whale Think Tank  released the latest  “Brand Partner 20|50 Marketing Industry Innovation” research  which  is due to select excellent vendors in each scenario to help companies realize digital transformation. The research takes the dimensions of professional competence, user experience, and effectiveness in solving business problems as evaluation criteria.


As  a leading Chinese martech company , iPinYou’s CDP was  awarded " top 50 Brand Partner Marketing Digital Transformation  Product " ,demonstrating  the important role  in enabling the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry.




01 Digital EconomyData is the core driving force of marketing

"Growth Hacker" pointed out that marketing is "maximum growth with limited resources",  companies need to use the power of technology and data to achieve various marketing goals.


Although well acquainted with the importance of digitalization and AI marketing, many companies often failed in the actual landing process due to various challenges : the amount of data is huge and scattered, third-party data cannot fully cover the customer journey of TA, data assets cannot generate corresponding business value...


Therefore, how to establish a complete CDP has  become an important topic for marketing technicians and  iPinYou’s  CDP  product   was born out of such a demand.


The core competencies of iPinYou CDP  ranges from user data integration, private domain traffic activation to user growth driven.  At present, the solution is applied to multiple business scenarios such as enterprise user data asset activation, one-stop intelligent data management, real-time intelligent decision output, intelligent lead management, marketing automation and so on. It helps companies break data islands, integrate data resources, and reconstruct marketing models, so as to achieve data decision support, increase the amount of effective marketing leads, reduce delivery costs,  improve the effectiveness of marketing decision-making efficiency.



02  Customized CDP  help companies increase their effective leads by 50%


Effective landing ability is the basis for continuous data closed loop construction. With the structure of “data + business” middle platforms, iPinYou has built CDP for leading brands including BMW, Guangqi Honda, Geely, Philips, Friso, Shishido and Metro, which set up a benchmark for automotive, FMCG, beauty and retail industry.


Take a project in the auto as an example. Before using the CDP, the car company had limited consumer awareness , having  many internal systems but can’t connected ,and facing  pain points and challenges such as difficulty in mining high-quality sales leads which led to the inability to improve marketing efficiency.


Considering  the high price and low frequency industry attributes possessed by car companies, consumers often have to experience a long purchase lifecycle which  starting from the very first interaction source all the way to through the end of the relationship. Therefore, iPinYou provides definitions and automated judgments for different stages in the user's full lifecycle management, and  improves effective analysis .


Accounting to user attributes and behavioral data, companies can gain insights into user life cycles and the trends of  population changes, as well as  obtain consumer intentions in a timely manner and adjust their operational focus.


Simultaneously,  relying on its crowd labeling capabilities, iPinYou has provided a label template library for the car company in user data management.  Powerful label management capabilities allow the company to form intelligent user portraits and make   marketing brilliant.


As  a  result, the car company’s effective sales lead improvement rate increased by  50%, and sales lead acquisition costs were reduced by 20%  in terms of quantitative benefits. Meanwhile ,the company has enhanced the comprehensive understanding of consumers, achieved refined operations and greatly improve the efficiency of decision-making in terms of non-quantitative income.


In the service process of different industries and enterprises, iPinYou always focuses on intelligent decision-making through data management as well as  making marketing  brilliant. This award is a  re-recognition of the service ability and technical level of iPinYou. In the future, iPinYou will continue to improve its refined operation capabilities and empower the digital and intelligent transformation of  marketing.

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