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Milestone: iPinYou R&D Operation Center in Hefei, China Aims at Accelerating the Landing of AI


The expansion of iPinYou R&D Operation Center in Hefei has been completed in July. This is a milestone in the progress of iPinYou's R&D capabilities. As an extension of Beijing, the R&D Center in Hefei will undertake multi-business workflow. Focus on the management and analysis of big data, it aims at creating standardized products and providing solutions, as well as realizing data access efficiency, data governance, data analysis and so on.In the future, the R&D Operation Center in Hefei will cooperate with Beijing, Shanghai and other bases to accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Technology is the first productive force for development. With the leading position in the field of AI and multiple benefits such of technology accumulation, talent and policy support, iPinYou is accelerating the gathering of fresh forces, new momentum of innovation and entrepreneurship, injecting more and more vitality into the development of Hefei  under the support of China Sound Valley.

Milestone: iPinYou R&D Operation Center in Hefei, China Aims at Accelerating the Landing of AI(图1)

01 Make efforts in various ways to build AI leading company

The rapid development of business and personnel growth is the main reasons for the expansion of the R&D center. With the integration of multiple ecosystems including digital advertising,e-commerce,new retail sales and membership operation, the application of AI marketing  has triggered a scramble among major enterprises.

As a leading AI decision solution platform,iPinYou has been committed to empower enterprise business growth by big data and AI technology with the philosophy of "AI empowers decision".
Since its establishment in 2008, iPinYou has made some progress in areas of AI-driven decisions, Smart Government Services and had lots of best practices in various industries, especially in FMCG, automotive, retail, e-commerce, healthcare,ect. More than 90% of the world's top 500 companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Nestle, GENERAL Motors, BMW and Ford, are benchmark customers of iPinYou.

Milestone: iPinYou R&D Operation Center in Hefei, China Aims at Accelerating the Landing of AI(图2)

There are both external factors that drive iPinYou develop rapidly ,such as the improvement of dataregulations,ect; and also internal factors,especially the ability of iPinYou in technical and resource accumulation. Based on more than 10 years of AI technology and industry experience, iPinYou has independently developed unique identification and in-depth user portrait technology , created a decision-making AI engine "Holmes". Through the intelligent connection of people, information and decision-making scenarios, iPinYou has laid digitalization foundation for more and more enterprises.

02 Technological innovation is promoting new forms of industry development

The expansion of Hefei R&D operation Center is also an epitome of China Sound Valley's innovative development and integrated development. In recent years, Sound Valley of China has been committed to building a characteristic innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, which has rapidly become a major thrust for the rise of Anhui province.

As the first national AI industrial  in China, Sound Valley of China has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission before 2019. It has been successively approved as national New-type Industrial Demonstration Base, national science and technology Enterprise Incubator, National new-type information consumption Demonstration project, National Advanced Manufacturing cluster, national Technology standard Innovation Base and so on.Take NEVs as an example. In recent years, NIO, Volkswagen and other auto brands have settled in Hefei.

Meanwhile , Anhui will also attract college students and creative enterprise to settle in Sound Valley of China for innovation and development. With the expansion of R&D Operation Center, iPinYou will be closer to customers and make full use of local industries, capital, talent and other advantages, so as to speed up the pace of research and development.

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